The History of French Furniture

Middle Ages 900 – 1500

Furniture of the midlives was developed to be useful. It was typically large, basic and heavy.

This early furniture followed the lines of architecture. Few furniture pieces from this period were sculpted, simply those crafted to flaunt wealth.

Renaissance 1500-1610

Throughout the renaissance period, French artisans began to develop furniture with deeply sculpted and elaborate styles. Lots of Buffets and cabinets were made to appear like little structures with impact from Roman or Greek architecture.

Louise XIII 1610-1640

French furniture throughout the Louise XIII period was greatly affected by Italian style. The typical style was huge and strong with geometric carvings.

In this period furniture was anticipated to be both lovely and comfy. Repaired upholstery turned into one of the age's excellent creations with furniture ending up being padded.


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Purchasing Custom-Made Furniture from an American Furniture Outlet

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